I don’t update this page as much as I should. My apologies!

A few months ago I took a class with Chuck Huber. My friend described him as “The Bob Ross Of Voice Over”. He is so kind, gentle but tells you what you need to hear in order to improve yourself. I highly recommend him to any voice over artists, aspiring and professional.

My studio is just about set up! I am now a proud owner of a Whisper Room! The Whisper Room is amazing! Michele Knotz, best known for Jessie in Pokemon, was so helpful by telling me about her home studio. I’m glad I contacted her because I really love my Whisper Room! I even had the option of choosing purple foam! Purple is my favorite color. Despite my wonderful booth,  I STILL faced sound issues. That is just what happens when you use USB microphones, unfortunately, from my experience and from what many voice actors have told me. Sometimes it works perfectly and sometimes it doesn’t. This could be during the SAME recording file! Literally nothing has changed. Its very frustrating! So I’ve recently invested in an AKG C214 Mic which I’ve learned about through the toolbox page of Voice Acting Mastery . It will be here next week!

I’m really excited about recording from home. Its taken a while because the money adds up but its worth it in the long run! Yeah, Whisper Rooms are pretty fancy and I love mine! But I’m honestly jealous of people who can just record from their closet without a problem. I’ve tried, but my house is just too noisy due to its structure!


And finally, I have also recently created a Casting Call Club account! If you are a member and would like to check out my auditions, please take a look (and listen)!


I have been on a real Twitter kick lately, so if you like Twitter too feel free to follow me! I tweet about animation, voice over and other stuff!


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