Back in action!

Last year, life kinda threw me some mean curveballs… but I’m back and ready to re-enter the world of voice over!

This year, I won’t be going to a huge convention I’ve attended for a full decade! (*cough* Otakon *cough*) But that’s okay, because the money I’ll be saving from not going will be going towards something better!

After delaying my journey due to a very noisy house (and some serious IRL issues), I’ve decided to upgrade my home studio! In due time, I’ll be ready to audition and do vo jobs from my house! That means more work and opportunities for me, and more updates for you!

Check out my pages! Learn a little more about me in my About page. Demo has my Commercial Demo Reel. Head over to Resume to see…well, my resume! To email me as well as find me on social media sites , click on Contact!


This site is still a work in progress. So over time, expect headshots, a new mascot, and more!


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